born like this

a film by Bruno Tracq

produced by Rien à Voir & le CVB, with the support of BFC Rental.
produced as a part of 'Bxl24'.

fiction, 2 minutes, 2011

— synopsis

EN— At the heart of Europe, the stage is set for the final battle between the forces that are tearing apart the Old Continent. Featuring MF Doom & CH. Bukowski.

— the movie

— credits

• written & directed by Bruno Tracq
• with Nathalie Mellinger, Laurent Caron, MF Doom ("Cellz") & Charles Bukowski ("Dinosauria, We")
• cinematography : François Starr
• costume designer : Hélène Honhon
• special make-up effects : Oriane De Neve
• camera assistants : Elvis Fontaine-Garant & Léo Lefèvre
• electrician : Abdel Moussin
• location manager : Thomas Rousselot
• creative advisors : Peter Snowdon & Olivier Boudon